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Creation, maintenance and operation of Corporate-wide employee and dependent health monitoring and data systems for:
  • Control of health and disability benefit costs
  • Initiatives for control of dependents' health costs in partnership with third party benefit administrators
  • Assurance and documentation of a safe workplace
  • Defense of product or service
  • Limiting preventable disease
  • Interaction with regulatory or standard setting organizations
  • Addressing community concerns
Contract Medical Director and Occupational Health Nurse Director Services for organizations whose size or challenge do not justify a full time physician or nurse.
Occupational medical audits of company or local vender occupational medical services.
Acquisition medical audits to define accrued risk of previously exposed employees.
Implementation of disability management programs for occupational and personal disability.
Evaluation of employee benefit for cost and quality control.
Expert medical and epidemiological testimony in litigation.
Implementation of safety and ergonomic programs to limit development of repetitive motion injury and assure recovery from disability.
Defense of product and interaction with regulatory or community agencies, companies or outside vendors.
Employee health benefit data for cost or quality control.
Expatriate services for assured access to foreign health resources.
Oversight of safety programs to limit hazards, manage recovery from disability and assure regulatory compliance.